Chance Meeting

January 21, 2014

“Chance Meeting”

12×9˝ (sold)

{click on image for a larger view}

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  • 1. Carol Smith  |  February 27, 2014 at 6:39 pm

    Hello Christine – This is April’s friend from Chicago; most recently, Hendersonville. I am enjoying visiting your website and seeing what you are up to these days. I particularly love “Chance Meeting” — Everyday I see my painting by you, “Nest Eggs.” I marvel at the beautiful workmanship and enjoy the theme and the concept – It makes me smile.

    BTW, – I was a volunteer at the Contryside Gallery in Arlington Heights for many years – I was responsible for the refreshments whenever they put on a show. It would have been in the mid 1980’s. I am thinking our paths must have crossed at some point.

    Thank you for your talent and all the joy you bring. Carol


Christine’s paintings are usually figurative, often influenced by folk lore and dance. She has developed a unique medium to create her paintings, utilizing pastel colors upon a Gesso ground. Finished with multiple coats of acrylic glaze, they display marvelous depth of color and do not need to be under glass.

Christine’s unique pastel paintings are in private collections across the country and in Europe. Now residing in North Carolina, she exhibited her work at the Asheville Gallery of Art until retiring in late 2015.

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